ISO 9001-2008 and VCA** certified

ISO 9001-2008 and VCA** certified

Van der Hoeff Refractories is specialized in:

  • Inspection
  • Refractory design
  • Supply and installation


We are active in:

  • Waste to energy (WtE)
  • Bio – energy
  • (Petro) Chemical industry
  • Incineration / melting of hazardous waste


VDH-R Engineering Services:

We base our refractory solutions on accurate and smart engineering and integrate these in our new construction- and maintenance projects.

In which we are supported by:

  • Tata Steel Ceramic Research Centre for chemical / physical laboratory research
  • Deutsches Institut für Feuerfest und Keramik GmbH. for Oxidation tests ASTM C-863
  • T.U. Dresden for computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analyses
  • Flux Refractories BV for material advice and advanced on site monitoring technology.



VDH-R Boiler Tile System


View wall

Van der Hoeff Refractories view VDH-R boiler tiling system


Van der Hoeff Refractories has developed a patented Nitride Bond Silicon Carbide boiler tile system for the lining of Waste to Energy boilers.


More Quality – Less Downtime –  Lower Costs


double fired SiC nitride bonded tiles

  • Fast and flexible installation
  • One piece anchors are short, well protected and stay relatively cool
  • Evenly divided dense anchor pattern
  • Spacer/liner for faster accurate installation and smoother tile wall



Prefab shop

In our prefab shop we install refractory linings in various elements from cast iron grate parts to a complete 80 tons melting furnace, and everything in between.


Multiple views of the Van der Hoeff Refractories BV workshop

Van der Hoeff Refractories Prefab Workshop







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